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Bobber Down Fishing Guide. If you're fishing in deeper water, then a slip bobber setup will work well. The bobber or float presents the bait at a pre set depth and acts as a strike indicator The slip bobber can be fished at any depth, it is designed to move (slide) up and down the line and will not interfere with casting or landing a fish.

Washington Fishing | Bobber Down Guide Service
Washington Fishing | Bobber Down Guide Service (Amanda Fowler)
Been to Bobber Down Guide Service? It only adds some weight to the fishing bar to prevent it from bouncing. Kayak Fishing: A Guide for New Anglers.

Fishing bobbers or floats are manufactured from balsa, plastic, foam and cork.

Fishing bobbers - Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison.

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Washington Fishing | Bobber Down Guide Service

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Washington Fishing | Bobber Down Guide Service

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We had plenty of fish to feed our large family at the end of the day. that love to fish. Strike indicators aren't just flyfishing bobbers; they do much more, if you know I hired a guide for the San Juan last year. Frequently, I see folks rigged with too much worm on great big hooks with huge bobbers.


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